America. The Beautiful

by - July 06, 2011

I have yet to meet a single person who doesn't enjoy July 4th. It is by far my favorite holiday. I love the colors, the sounds, smells and most of all, a day to think about the sacrifices given long ago and today for my freedom. With that on my mind, as I went into to watch Transformers: Dark side of the Moon, I may have been the ONLY one crying. Why? You ask. Well apparently you don't know me and you are not aware that I cry a lot about nothing really.

Actually, the beginning of the movie shows Neil Armstrong walking on the moon and I was filled (over-filled) with such gratitude for the way Americans banded together. And that made me sad since it is not the case today. I cried again as Boy Meets World Star fought to get his love back and once more at the end when Chicago is utterly destroyed and yet there is STILL such pride to be an American... to have fought for Freedom.
I know, it's silly. But I was proud to be part of Country that values freedom. God Bless America. And may God also bless Pheonix today and in the days following 
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