Awkward Thursdays

by - July 14, 2011

Time to reveal all the embarrassing things this week!
1. Like going around for who-knows-how-long not realizing that the button over my ta-ta's was UN-buttoned.
2. I got my wisdom teeth pulled 2 weeks ago. But today I ate some beef jerky. Apparently a little piece decided it wanted to stay in my mouth... where one of my wisdom-filled teeth used to reside. Y'know when you have just a little thing in your mouth and that IS ALL YOU CAN CONCENTRATE ON!!!
3. not awkward but hard: The toddler not napping for three days. result: crying by both mom and baby.
4.  Thinking I killed a cock-roach the size of a car only to have it crawl up my hand

1. I have something to say but you will have to wait a week or two... it's exciting!
2. This picture-post from one of my favorite ladies Kayla from Freckles in April: This makes me love Emma more. You go girl!

3. and since pictures do say more than I can, this is what my hawaiian-residing little sister told me

but you probably can't even tell what it is. It is NOT an Alien! In fact it is not even a baby. 
Due in Jan. 
you go girl

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