Awkward Thursdays

by - July 21, 2011

I know. I am tired. Is it obvious. I started a new position and I am going 5 days a week now. And it just makes me tired. And packing. And laundry. And cooking. And I need ice cream and we don't have any.
Realizing I have lots of these moments and I really do need to keep track of them
Leaving my keys in the hubbs car... again... so he has to drive all the way back home from work to give them to me.
Trying to convince the hubbs that i really am I good navigator on road trips. Only to miss out exit for the THIRD time during rush hour traffic and an accident. Bleh.
What I am wearing right now. at this moment. It is not even close to matching.
The toddler telling me I taste like chicken. Weird.

What I am wearing right now. At this moments. I like that I sorta don't care
Flying to New Orleans for the day. And seeing Oak Alley Plantation
Packing. Tiresome but so refreshing to get things done and thrown away.
The people in my life. I really have been blessed by family close and great friends.

And did I mention there is a giveaway I am hosting? Yep.. so head on over!

Here are some obligatory pictures from our trip to Scotland and London a few years back. We are also cleaning out/off our computer. I will leave it to you to discern between the awkward and awesome ones. :)

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