funny conversations

by - July 10, 2011

me: What do you think of this new soap?
hubbs: huh?
me: do you like the new soap?
hubbs: Oh, eh... I'm not really into soap

Now, IF this was a conversation with a girl it would go like this:

me: what do you think of this new soap
imaginary girl: I was JUST gonna say that I love it! Nectarine Mint is my favorite. It smells so good!
me: I know! I had never tried it before. I usually get the self-foaming but I thought I would try this one
imaginary girl: I love the self- foaming. Have you tried the.....

It is these little conversations in my head that send me into giggle-fits. Because, really, why does one need a 5 minute conversation about soap?

phone call:
hubbs: Can you hear her?
me: hear who?
hubbs: the toddler
me: no, whats up?
hubbs: did you teach her to say B-Y-POOPOO   (not BYU)
me: **laughing really hard picturing the toddler say this a lot to a huge BYU fan**  nope. I usually go for BYU Hawaii
hubbs: She keeps saying it!
me: continue laughing..... hang up

this week was filled was cleaning, begin stages of packing and trip to the circus!

 even with the lights and colors and sounds of the circus, I think the toddlers favorite part was running around
I know mine was capturing these moments in film. And pretending to be a clown :)

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