Awkward: Going topless

by - September 29, 2011

I sit here feeling very much OVER whelmed. Wanting kit kats, blue bell, Strawberry lemonade, and wishing I could eat a Five Guys Burger.  But I have not done this on a while. This is for you Kels!!!

*I have not touched my journal or the toddlers in a few MONTHS, yes, months
*A lot of people commented on my "dress" in the last photo. It is a shirt. Blame it on the camera angle
*Cleaning the bathroom wondering if there is a dog that lives here I am not aware of. I'm talking about some SERIOUS hair shedding happening 'round here peeps. 
*Watching the hubbs play flag football. (awesome). Then watching the toddler pee in her brown leggings and run away. I thought about chasing her but thought that it would be pointless. She eventually got hungry and came to me for food. Don't judge me. YOU try chasing that girl. I changed her after. 
*Trying to talk to a business about a service all the while trying to not inhale the entire cigarette being blown in my face. 
*Realizing that the only time I shave lately is when I am going to the OB/GYN. Apparently I have become THAT woman. 
*Typing awesome with a capitol A and M. I feel like I am 15 again. And I like it
*Decorating for Halloween. I know, it has been in the 90's here. But between the decor and the pumpkin scentsy it feels like fall inside
*Getting some rain. Need more. Keep praying. 
*Scripture study at 6 am with the hubbs. Although he is much more alert than I am. 
*Being hot here still, sometimes you just need to go topless. And bottomless as well for that matter

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