Our Nations Capitol

by - October 27, 2011

Vaca to DC!!
and done super cheap
and the best weather we could has asked for

having to go potty every 30 minutes (the mommy, not the toddler)
running out of diapers on the last day so lining it with wet wipes and T.P
The toddler painting the sidewalk at the farmers market with her strawberries. And then eating them before I could grab it (So far she is not sick... still waiting...)

Bucket list item: Check
We both have always wanted to come here. It really was soul-moving to be here but more 'bout that later.
One of the best thinsg we did was go in the fall. 
And find leaves
perfect for jumping into
never mind they were on the Capitol Grounds
in a pile...
ready to be vacuumed up. 
(note: we didn't make a mess and the grounds crew was there too) 

And sometimes when we don't have a toddler to watch to get to enjoy a favorite pastime: Take as many ridiculous pictures as possible!

 (on the bridge at Mt Vernon)

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