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by - October 28, 2011

I mentioned that we took off from the Republic of Texas and headed to our very own Nations Capitol last week. We both mentioned that we really miss it. I also had said that this trip really touched my soul. I really can't put it into words but I did make an executive choice that I want our children to go there when they turn 16 and be able to learn and think and reflect upon what this great nation of ours stands for and how it got there.

We did everything. We stayed at a nice hotel: Marriot Crystal City (thank you priceline) that connected us to the Metro by an underground shopping center. We saw almost all the monuments and got to visit with a dear, sweet friend who I just admire and adore. Anyhow, being our family journal and all let me caution that there are lots of pictures.

One thing that was hard for me was traveling with the toddler. Without a stroller. And short on diapers. Which made me short on patience.

But each night she would cuddle up and then the guilt set in: "I was too hard on her", " I am too strict", etc. And then I remember that kids need rules. They need boundaries. And just like our country, we all need a set of standards to live up to.

Hello there 20 weeks old baby boy of mine
 Lincoln Memorial. I have wanted to see this my whole little life
 Our nations Capitol. We did a tour. Then went outside and jumped around
 Ahh... escalators. Everywhere we went people would stop and say: your little girl is so beautiful. We even had a guy at the airport walk up to mckay to tell us that. Hmm... nice to know we make pretty babies
 This is what makes our family a forever family
 Smithsonian Air and Space. We pretty much went inside all of the museums. I was surprised at how interesting it all really was. 

 not a voo doo doll. This little lady was hand made by yours truly at Mt. Vernon. Being there it wasn't really hard to see why Washington gave up the life in DC. I could just spend all day there
 and this... is Berlin. She is beyond description aside from saying that she is an angel on earth. No exageration
Library of Congress. The one other thing I wanted to see. Simply Breathtaking. Until the toddler decided to strip down dance in the center. I quickly got my breath back. 
 These machines give you the tickets to ride the Metro. I have to be honest here, I kinda felt like Harry potter and that i was going to the Ministry if Magic
 just riding the Metro...
 Berlin took the toddler for few hours while we ran around Mt. Vernon. It was really inspiring to be there
 and people aren't kidding about the squirrels! They are EVERYWHERE! And the LOVE people. Did you see his little booty? That little guy is one well fed animal

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