Awesome: BYU ChemE

by - November 10, 2011

Had a FAB turn out for the hubbs BYU ChemE Alumni lunch. I am really quite happy for him and the response he got.

Made homemade bread in my bread machine and I actually like it. A lot.

Made a substitute for butter in most recipes. Yep, its mostly just white beans and water. Thanks Mom

Got 40lbs of chicken this week. Canned 20lbs. Froze the other 20lbs. Gotta love Zaycon

Made laundry soap for .01 per "serving". Thank you Tina for that Pin.

Ahh, the weekend. Can. Not. Wait.

Toddler shut the bathroom door and got locked in. Similar experience to her getting locked in the car with my only set of keys in the ignition (minus the police). Hubby was right there to take the door handle off the bathroom door. She did end up being able to unlock it before he got too far.

I can't see my feet. At. All. I am measuring at 37" around. Pretty much everything is awkward and I still have until March

Toddler won't poo on the toilet. She will poo everywhere else... just not on the toilet.

Considering trying out cloth diapers for the new one.... haven't decided yet though. And it often occupies more of my thoughts than diapering in March should.

Waking up at 12midnight and 3:30am every night. For no real reason. I guess this is the little mans new schedule.

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