Goodbye October

by - November 02, 2011

I woke up on Nov 1 feeling very happy.
Happy that Oct was over. I don't know what it was about that month but it was nice to see it was over. I think I just felt really overwhelmed in so many aspects.

So far November has been great! I have:
1-finally gotten all but two boxes out of the house
2-researched family history using
3-I made my family meal chart for the whole month using NOTHING but what I ALREADY HAVE in my pantry. You gotta check out this gals food storage cookbook site!
4-Tried some new recipes from Pinterest. Apple cider syrup and pumpkin waffles
5-Put away Halloween stuff
6- Hung up pictures, curtains, and completed some much needed projects
7- earned my mommy paycheck via a sick toddler

Not that October was a bad month.
It was good. very good. Birthdays, D.C, Dressing up.... i'm just glad it is over. Now I don't have to be an evil witch

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