by - November 19, 2011

Don't know 'bout you but weekends sure are lovely. 
Specifically when one gets to step back in time... 
and hang out with Fairies, Wizards, and Elfs. 
Seriously, the Kettle Corn is the real reason we go to the Tex Ren fest
 Or to see these guys. Not sure which. 
We went during the Scottish weekend. If you live here and haven't been, you got one weekend left! 

 Random shot but I made hubbs stand there while I took a photo. It really was so beautiful. And the toddler is in the "I need to copy Dad" stage. And yes, this is the wall to the wedding "chapel" and yes, there was a wedding taking place. Oh, and yes, they were all sorts of dressed up. Mostly in Kilts and fairy wings. 
And we recommend going when it opens and leaving early. 
And riding Dumbo of course. 

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