Awesome and awkward

by - December 14, 2011

-I was at the gym using the lat machine. Suddenly, I hear the trainer come up and tell me that I am sitting in it backwards.
-The toddler insisting on being a kitty cat EVERYWHERE we go. Seriously, it IS like herding cats!
-Just me in general these past few weeks. I'm feeling bad about myself by saying that---just stating the facts. And I am ok with being awkward
-In a weight class at the gym. We were supposed to be doing dips to build our triceps. My platform was not on right and I managed to make it slip... thus resulting in a loud CRASH and BANG followed by "Are you ok" from almost everyone.

-Finally having some order and cleanliness to my house
-Hubby being home, after being gone. It was just overnight but sheesh!
-Toddler going poo in the toilet!... just going poo in general to be more precise
-Christmas shopping, wrapping, mailing etc is ALL DONE!! Don't be offended if you don't get a card. Its probably because you don;t talk to me or you didn't send me one. And no, FB does not count as "talking" to me.

each year the hubbs and the toddler pick out an ornament for our family and one for her. This year it is a Ballerina. More on that later. But it has to do with the Nutcracker

As much as I WISH this was a"candid" photo, alas, chocolate and time out were involved. 
What a good little obedient subject :)

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