Christmas recap

by - December 28, 2011

The stockings are still hung by the chimney with care,
... and Christmas clearance at Target will bring in new cheer.... next year that is.
And hopefully I will get around to making the tree skirt, advent calendar, and Christmas Pillows I have had in mind for the last 4 years. But no promises. In the meantime, here is a little re-cap of our Christmas this year. Which, I might add, is our first in 4 years on our own.
PS: Grandma TuTu and Grandma Princess and Co, We did miss you dearly. Lots of pictures for you

Remember the post here? About the Ballet ornament? This is why!
We went to the Nutcracker at the Houston Ballet
Yes, we did get pictures with Sara, or Mrs. Sara as J says
She is a beautiful dancer and person. She had so many people to take pictures with and never once did her genuine love faulter. I am sure she was very tired but throughout the whole remainder of the evening with pictures and taking us backstage she was nothing but kind and generous. I have learned a lot from her over the almost 2 years I have known her. And the one quality that really stands out is how loving she is to everyone around her. Thank you for a very special evening! 

 During intermission a few characters came out. J ran right up to the front (no matter there was a line) and about tackled this rat! Good thing it had great balance or it would have toppled! And good thing no one seemed to mind that she cut.
Present from Santa. 
When she woke up the first thing she said was "THE SUN IS UP! MOMMY!!! SANTA!!!)

Checking out the goods. 
A family tradition that was before I graced this world is Gingerbread houses. Every year growing up we set aside a night to make real gingerbread houses and then we would take them to our school class. I am not as good as my mom and this came from Sams Club. But we had a blast with the Farleys and Larsens making these. J did most of the decorating by herself. I am pretty sure her brain works like her daddy. So precise! 
 Christmas Eve was spent at home. Most of all the day. And I loved loved loved! We watched movies, napped, ate red oreos, played with chalk, and managed to stay dry and warm. It was a perfect Christmas Eve
10 more weeks to go. So far I have put on 30 lbs.This little guy is gonna be a big baby like his sister!
I had seen this setup before and really wanted to try it out. It took about a dozen tries to get this... and lots of bribery. 

We loved exchanging gifts, skyping, and daddy's Christmas Breakfast. We are looking forward to many years of new traditions together... like painting our nails and making reindeer shirts
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