Awesome and awkward

by - January 19, 2012

Well hello there awkward. 
How are you? 
I was just wondering how long you plan on staying. 
'Cuz I am pretty sure you wore out your welcome a long time ago. 
Love, Me. 

1. Making a return for a baby item at Target the same day I bought. Yes, Ma'am, that was just bought 2 hours ago. I thought about and I know it is $2 but I really don't NEED it. 
2. Finally got the laundry out of the dryer. And dumped it on the bed. Too bad I did laundry on Saturday and I haven't made much progress. 
3. Spinning class=reason why I was so sore and even a bit swollen down 'undah. (Took me a bit to put that together in my pregnancy-much brain)
4. I know I look like I should like I understand your rapid Spanish, but I don't. I have no idea what you are saying in fact. Like, at all. 
5. (not awkward, just bummer) My free sewing machine broke. Found one at 4:30am this morning on It was one of those really amazing ones that even make you breakfast for $150. By the time I logged in to buy it they were ALL GONE! I had big dreams for me and you oh sewing machine. Big dreams. 
yep, made these little beauts. Jealous yet? lol Cost me $1
1. Little sister made me an auntie last night. Twin boys. A 5-pounder and a 7-pounder. Pretty sure she is a rockstar. And pretty sure she will be tired every minute of her life for the next 20 years. 
2. A text from a friend letting me know she wants to give me a baby shower. Really thoughtful. Was not expecting nor planning on one since this is my second kidlet. Registry found here
3. Getting all sorts of things taken care of with my beautiful body before baby deux arrives. 
4. Dinner with my family and my friend Brad. Hopefully next time his family can come down to Houston from Montana. 
5. New Years Resolution: So far 100% . It feels pretty awesome. Please people, hold your applause
Jan 17 picture of the day. 7.5 more weeks to go! 

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