I {heart} baby showers

by - January 14, 2012

Well, any reason for getting together actually. And today was no exception. A few ladies decided to have a baby shower for one of our sweet friends who is having her first. It was a yummy breakfast shower (started at 9am). Which while you may be thinking "9am! Thats so early!" It was kinda awesome to have the whole day still when all was said and done. And there are so many ladies who pitched in to help. Thank you girls!

oh, did I mention that almost half of us are expecting that were in attendance? The one on the very far end is my work out partner. I could go on and on about these gals pictured as well as the ones not and talk about how delightful, caring and truly Christ-centered their lives on. I'll just sum it up and say that I am lucky to have lots of women I admire in my life

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