Simple Things Sunday

by - January 22, 2012

Shelby has been doing colleges lately and since copying is the highest form of flattery.... well, you know.
I really have been lovin' the 365 day challenge. 
And I have been fallin' in love with my little Nikon D40 all over again. 
I feel like I am learning something new everyday as I try a new technique or editing tool. 
Anyhow, taking it from the top (LtoR)

1. Cleaning out the closets. {due to nesting i think}. found these which make great anchors for forts
2. $1 ABC blocks. Been really loving these. Keo is the baby boys name. I think.
3. Me at 32 weeks and off to dinner.  
4. A weed in my walkway I have seen every day for two weeks and have yet to pull.. Its quite pretty.
5. Glowstick bath. Thank you Pinterest. Its sorta awesome. 
6. My love in the mail via Camera Coats
7. 33 weeks and my new maternity/nursing dress. Got LOTS of compliments today at church. Is it wrong I want to wear it everyday and night. Because yes, it is that comfy. 
8. Homemade whip cream into buttermilk into butter. I'll take two please! 
9. Had a little photo shoot with the toddler yesterday. Makes my heart smile. 

Told ya'all I have been having fun with the ABC blocks!

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