Why i don't Facebook

by - March 18, 2012

at the start of the year I had some resolutions. 
One of them was to deactivate Facebook. 
Yes, you read right, to not be on Facebook. 
I don't really have any moral issue with FB. 
I just don't like how people think that if you are friends on facebook, you are really friends in real life. 
Granted, FB did help me stay in better touch but, I'm gonna be honest here, a lot of it was ME putting out effort to stay friends. So in an effort to simplify, I decided to take a break. 
It March and I have not missed it one bit. 
Will I go back, probably... Maybe...I'm not sure. 
But I do like getting more email and texts. 
And one day maybe I will be clever enough to text something like this: 

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