I would, I should, but I won't. But I did.

by - April 10, 2012

I would:
~post our Easter pictures. but I won't. Well, the ones with me in them at least. Silly I know. Too bad
~go to the store and get eggs that have been on my list for over a week. But two kids at the store scars me. Also silly , I know.
~Follow through on taking away the toddlers toys since she should be able to clean up after herself. But I won't. So they are empty threats.

I should:
~manage to keep the house clean. And iron shirts that have been sitting on the rocking chair for over 3 weeks.
~take pictures of my own children more.
~Stay awake after 8pm when the baby boy goes to bed to talk with my darling hubby. But he sends me to bed (because he is so nice to me) and I don't wake up until 8am the next day.

but I won't.

~I manage to read my scriptures every day (this takes me all day to get through one chapter) and squeeze in a prayer or two or three or twenty asking for patience.
~ spend extra minutes I could be cleaning to rock my baby boy (while reading a story or two or three to my toddler)
~ Call up people I feel inspired to call while I am driving to my sisters or my aunts in order to have someone help with the kiddos.
~Drag myself to the park so I can run and the toddler can play and  the baby boy can enjoy the sun and I can feel like a mom who is accomplishing something
~Write notes to the hubby letting him know I am very blessed. (its almost like actually talking)

While this has NOTHING to do with the post, lemme ask this: 
will the real Elder Tanner Hansen please stand up?
(the one on the right is only in this at the request of the said Elder Hansen) 

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