The "S" word

by - April 25, 2012

Sometimes I think I am going crazy. And then my daughter will say things like
"Mom, Yowr cwazy!"
And then I know i am. Its nice to have ones thoughts confirmed by a toddler.
A very opinionated and sassy toddler at that.
Other things she has been saying lately:
"You are a cool mom, mom"
"Whoa dude!"
"I wanna call auntie"

"I just need to cry!"
"But I NEED IT" (usually in a whinny, beggin tone and usually involving a toy or an artificially flavored/colored/made food item)
The best one has been her inability to actually stand on both feet. Only in the tub. Due to some unforeseen, microscopic ouchie
She also has been saying
"Uhm. mom... are you my mommy" or "I want a new mommy!!" Usually the latter is after I tell her no.

and now to the heart of the matter. 

Sometimes I say the "S" word. Not often. But sometimes. We had to have a talk with her about it after she started to repeat it. I am not sure if she picked it up from school or form movies or where but, she did. This led to a good, long chat about words and how that word we don't say.
Except for mommy. Because sometimes my emotions get the better of me.
This week I said it. And boy oh boy did I hear it from my almost 4 year old. Good thing Daddy was there to help out by saying "Mommy says bad word huh J?" Yeah, thanks hubby. Way to play it cool. Sheesh!
Then I said it again a day later! In my defense it was a moment of passion. I said "Why do people hate Romney because he is rich?! Are they stupid?!"
And there it was again. Mommy saying bad words. the "S" word
The toddler looked at me quite firmly and stated "Mommy! We don't say that word!
To which Daddy asserting that I needed to go into Timeout.

oh yeah, I know it.. I'm bad! (like the cool bad, not the bad bad)
And i also apparently like to mirror nose pick

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