Searsucker pants and Emma and more randomness to fill the post

by - April 16, 2012

I have been dieting and working out for 2 weeks now. And you guessed it... I have yet to shed an ounce. I will say I am enjoying the classes though. Body combat, yoga, spinning etc. Although the fact that 80 year old women are more flexible than me is pretty crummy. hubby has had more than his fair share of my unhappiness with my 5 week post baby body. He sent me this and told me I would be back in no time and that he loved me no matter what. That made my day! 

And it is on that thought I bring to you this. 
Emma Hale Smith. 

I'm gonna admit it. SAHM-hood is rough. 
Trying so desperatly to become the person that I see myself as... that my Heavenly Father sees myself as, well, that is just a pretty hard things to do. 
Kathryn Nelson visited with me this weekend. Me and 200 other women. She played Emma in the movie and also is one of my favorite singers. I walked away feeling gratitude and support and knowing I was not alone. 

I also went away with all my make up gone due to an hour long crying session with said 200 women. ha! I wish everyone could have been there. The impressions and spirit that day were beyond words.

Seersucker is a thin, puckered, all-cotton fabric, commonly striped or checkered, used to make clothing for spring and summer wear...The word ... meaning "milk and sugar".... (wiki)
I spent all of Sunday in the Mothers lounge. At least I had this cute little guy keeping me company... and his seersucker pants.
And these books to keep my company during the nursing nights and days and afternoons and pretty much ever 2 hours. Baby boy us quite the piglet. 
and I also pass the blame for my lack of a clean house/car/ironed clothes/frozen pizza/lack of food in our fridge 
(really, we only have water, peppermint cookie dough and asparagus in there. Guess I should go to the store. It has been 6 weeks after all)

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