10 Things I love lately

by - May 12, 2012

1. Text from hubby: For your Mothers day gift today, I'll watch the kids---you go to see The Avengers! Followed up by a few days of finding love notes all over the place

2. Instagram. I <3 intstagram (I am mmjkhansen there)
3. My workouts each day at the YMCA, the friends I have made there, and the lovely ladies who watch our kidlets

4. Oreo Birthday cake Ice cream (also a surprise from hubby... my taste buds are like a 10 year old I know)

5. Prayers from a 3 year old that repeat "please bless the Prophet and Jesus" over and over and over. And that end with "please bless that Jaedyn can have a treat... and a glow bath"

6. Auntie making a much coveted/anticipated blue tutu

7. Chris Evans. Don't fret,  I love my hubby even more (and this is where I admit I cried through a good portion of Avengers. I just turn to mush when I see Patriotism and positive references to God.

8. Playdates. Oh please bless they will continue! And mommy-daughter dates to the Ballet
Cynthia-woods Pavilion watching "Giselle"

9. Taking pictures. {Of us} and of other people's "US"--- I really really like that. Being able to capture the moment and have it last forever.. especially the candid ones

10. Knowing we are on the right track with God. Because sometimes when you have make choices, it can be hard and scary. But once that leap of faith is taken... oh, now that is a good feeling. Like a spiritual adrenaline rush

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