Breastfeeding and photos that have nothing to do with my post

by - May 19, 2012

love this little guy of mine
I recently had lunch with a few ladies. We all just had babies. It seems natural then that the subject of nursing would arise... although I am pretty sure I am the one who always brings it up. I am sure you have heard or seen the May 10th TIME Mag cover and article on attachment parenting. And, I will say that I would have to agree with the theory.
attempted family picture. 
 I don't think breastfeeding until my child is 3 or 4 is for me personally but I do think that when you choose to have sex and thereby possibly have a baby, that you become that childs mommy. And being a mommy is not having someone else raise your child for 15 hours a day. being a mommy is BEING a mommy... which means reading stories, changing diapers, waking up in the night to breastfeed, going to plays and graduations and being home after their first day of school.
Houston Art Car preview 2012... yes, that is a car in the shape of a banana

 As I write I know that for a small percentage, they HAVE TO work to pay the bills. I don't mean working to go on a vacation or have the newest iPhone or going to lunch once a month. But working to have food to eat and gas to go in the car to get to work. Please know that I CHOSE to work for a while. I am blessed with a husband who has a good education and a good job. But those first few years of trying to be mommy for my little one were, well, a bit challenging to say the least. Hence why I went to work. I wanted a break. I wanted "me" back. And then I realized that I was missing out on things... nothing really big mind you, but still missing out. I felt like I was a really great mom and wife most some of the time. I wanted to love being a mom. It took a lot pf prayer and a big effort to find joy in the day-to-day things but I did. And now with baby 2 I am always getting asked "when are you going back to work" and I want to say "I am working actually. I am raising children with my full attention each day to be honorable citizens and contribute BACK to society, not to take."
Foam pit.. a huge area that was covered in a continue stream of foam

And part of being the mommy of my baby is breastfeeding. {not sure how I got so off track what I originally intended to write about}
My milk supply has been all over the place! Too much... too little... I can't drink soda because little guy won't nurse from me if I do. I stopped working out for week and upped my calories hoping that would get my milk supply up... no luck. Ok, so I am back to working out and eating a lot and have managed to find the 5lbs I had recently lost. Grrrr... I was told by one of these lovely ladies about Fenugreek. I went home feeling all sorts of uplifted and ordered my bottle. Here's to hoping it works!
did I mention my mom made this blessing outfit? I love the vintage look to it.
And yes, that is hand-spun smoking detail!

note: I am perfectly fine for any comments to be shared that are different than my opinion, just please be nice about it. Thank you. 

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