moody gardens made her crabby

by - May 25, 2012

mom: J, why can't you be happy?
toddler: I don't want to be happy! I am crabby!!!

needless to say, aside from her funny little quips we did have a really fun time last weekend. Although, going during The "Muscle Mania" Convention pretty much ruins any self esteem! Ha! We were able to go to all the main attractions...Botanical garden, Discovery pyramid, and Aquarium including the water park. Mommy got a much needed rest on the lounge chairs soakin' up the sun

family picture. Thanks Dad for the glasses!
Notice I am trying the white on white look?
the Seals. She would get scared when the big one would come by...
 I would too, That guy was HUGE!
Little Guy was loving the shark tube tank thing.
Could've spent all day there with him I rekon'
This brochure kept her happy, not crabby!
She was able to find almost all of the different animals that were running/flying around freely

There are two little monkeys here. Brothers actually. What was pretty neat is that this is the first time the worker said they have ever come down to play! He just happen to be there and got to see them very up close. One even considered jumping on the stroller! It made me want to live in the jungle... well, almost

view from our hotel window

Lately the little toddler has been a bit hard to handle. She will be 4 very soon so I m chalking it up to "it's a stage". When she saw the penguins she just about lost it so she was so excited. It was nice to her really happy about something. We spent a long time at this exhibit watching them swim, dive, and just stand still

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