Mona Madsen: A legacy left of Love

by - June 11, 2012

Sweet Grandma and 4 four of her grandsons. 
From the moment I met her, I felt loved. 
She remembered anniversaries and birthdays and always had candy in the jar on her table.
She passed away on Sunday and her funeral is on Saturday. Her husband passed away 6 years ago and I have no doubt he was there waiting to hold her once more. 
 We are not able to go but our thoughts are with her. We know she is in a happy place with her very own beloved. 
They traveled the world together raising beautiful children in places like Ethiopia and Egypt and later serving a few missions together. 

This year we have had quite a lot of funerals. I am thankful to know that life continues on after this one and it has opened up conversation with our toddler about The Plan of Salvation and Eternity. 

We love you Grandma Madsen! 
And you are dearly missed

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