My week without sweets or Lactose...almost. And other babbling that you probably don't care about

by - June 22, 2012

at the wedding there was a photo booth. Wish I owned one in my house!
The toddler headbutted the baby mid-shot. Although I do think she was trying to give him a kiss
Seriously, this boy is gonna be so tough!
I have been preparing myself for this week for a while. I knew I would be going to a beautiful and yummy wedding and reception. I also am quite aware that while my hips may have gone back to my pre-prego size, I have an obscenely over abundant amount of extra skin. I know, hubby is so sweet and says I am looking good. In part, he is right. I pulled out pictures of my 3 months after the Toddler was born and I look 8 months prego still. I didn't even try to lose the weight for almost a year. Granted I am nursing so I am mostly at peace with myself because I feel like nursing is very important.

While in CA I saw a lactation consultant. Happy to know what the problem has been with nursing. It has been 100 times better than the first time (insert DUH moment here) but it still seemed like it should be better. I was right, it should be. Glad to know it is an easy fix. Baby boy is tongue tied (I know Who knew it was actually a real medical issue?!). I could deal with it nursing-wise but in the long run it will lead to speech and dental problem and even hamper his ability to lick an inc cream cone!!! And we can not have that happening in my family!

So now that we have that figured out, I have been off of lactose and sweets. Aside from an accidental dinner that included cheese and a now empty bag of Lindor Truffles, I did really well. My reasoning has a little to do with trying to lose weight (read: massive amount of extra-baby-stretched-skin) and mostly with the fact that I am allergic and have had a colonoscopy wherein polyps were found which is a fore-runner to cancer. At least it is nice to know. So, I am swearing off lactose. (I miss my BluBell already) and sweets. I am pretty sure that this will be really really hard. Oh wait, it already has been! But for a girl that is very aware that I don't see myself properly (ask me to draw a self-picture and I will add 100 lbs to it. And yes, I know that is a symptom of a disorder. I am well aware thank you) I am filling my life with better things to distract me. Books, my family, photography, cleaning, de-cluttering, managing our homes, my classes at the YMCA, 57 days left until my first TRI in 6 years! etc... and here are some cute pictures as proof

baby boy with one of his cousins... derek I think 
this is Sacramento, CA. And the view from my parents pool. That is how rice is grown my friends
my brother dear aka: batman. Bet something yummy is on that finger of his. Probably chocolate

the Limary cousins. 8 kiddos 8 and under
nothing beats a camera at the pool! 
the toddler was a flower girl. My mom made the dresses and bow. 
oh Jon-gi. The toddler loved your silky tie! She wouldn't stop touching it! 
the ceremony was at my great-aunts (grams sister) BEAUTIFUL backyard.  She is one of the people who have influenced me most in my life
oh steth! I mean seth!

while in CA we had a little reunion with most of the people I share my High School memories with. It has been just over 10 years! Look at all these kiddos with plenty more on the way. Nice bunny ears Kenton! And don't ask me which kids belong to who... I have no idea. Just me and a few others ( I think ) no longer live in CA. Yes, that is me in the upper right and yes, I am wearing a shirt. Its color is apparently nude. (sister was in busy with the twins so didn't make it)

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