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by - July 23, 2012

I know that most people have their own favorites list so I thought I would add mine. Although, I am sure you have all heard of them already...

1. Pioneer Woman--all of it. From cooking to homeschooling to photography. And she has awesome prizes too. My sister introduced us.
2. Shelby Osmond--also doing a giveaway. Great photo's and crafts and thoughts
3. Sweetly Raw--recommended to me my by SIL
4. A Blog about Love--uplifting and inspiring
5. The Daybook--total fashion-ista. Modest. Found her while she was still blogging from BYU-Idaho

Well, those are my top 5 that I never miss reading. But I had to toss in TWO bonus ones
** Thedatingdivas
**Kiki & Company

These past few days has been a little hard on my emotions. Is it the constant cleaning? Maybe the ever growing to do list? Could it be that I am trying to be extra happy and laid back while my mind is always racing a million miles an hour or is it the always present "I-can't-eat-that-and-I-am-always-hungry-therefore-I-am-cranky-and-not-sleeping-well" mindset? Well, whatever it is I may chalk it up to my still wacko hormones post partum thingamajig.

But today my little daughter turned into a fish! We (meaning the hubbs and my sister and our cousins) have been trying to get her to swim. I went to the gym with the baby boy and the hubbs took the toddler to Club Larsen and she did it! She jumped off the rocks and decided today was the day to swim all by herself. Her feat earned her Chick-Fil-A fries on the way home.

spin class w hubby... or was it CXworks. Thats code for kick my butt ab class. 

gettin my readin on


Houston LDS Temple
One of these days I may get around to writing about a few books I have finished this summer so far. One I am currently reading is "A Tiger in the Kitchen" It is a memoir. And it is pretty good.

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