Just another day

by - July 29, 2012

and a post full of pictures...

A little while ago we were debating what to do for our vacation. We liked the idea of Florida or some other beach-y places. We thought about Nebraska, Boston, a cruise, and Mexico. After much deliberation and lots of procrastinating, we decided to try out a STAY-cation.

Have you ever been on one before. 
Lemme just tell ya, it was kinda really awesome. 
Like, super awesome. 
We went a the Museum of Natural Science, beach, ate pupusas, 
slept in our own beds, napped, watched movies, stayed up late, and had our will made. 

Did I mention we got Hawaiian style snow cones and went horse-back riding? 
and when I say "we" I mean the hubby and the toddler. the babes and I napped, packed, ate Bluebell Ice cream, worked on crawling and did a  little workout together.

yes, I know. I am the only person conceited enough to take a self-portrait of me exercising

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