Awkward and Awesome - Birthday style!

by - August 16, 2012

Well it is the end of an era for Makana. Say goodbye to the Roaring Twenties, Makana has officially left them behind! (I feel like I should have a GIF of someone doing the Charleston below)

Anyway, since it is Thursday I thought I would do a special awkward and awesome dedicated to "The Wife"


1 - Realizing just last week that both her birthday and our anniversary was coming up and that I didn't have a single thing prepared (now before you judge me, remember that we just moved across the country and I started MBA school)
2 - Having her tell me that she would like me to write her a blog post in honor of her for her birthday only to have her later tell me that she was just joking - I know better though!
3 - Writing a post about her 20's and realizing that I have only know her for less than 6 of those 10 years
4 - Her turning 30 before me and being reminded again that she married a younger man (awkward for her, awesome for me!)
5 - Moving into an apartment an realizing that even after selling off a bunch of stuff, that we still have too much stuff!
6 - This one is purely Makana, but it was truely awkward for her: telling a new acquaintance that they shouldn't move to a certain area of the country because it was far too liberal only to have the person respond that they were actually pretty liberal.
7 - Driving 21 hours from Dallas to get here

Now for the tribute/awesome part about my wife. Let's just say that she is just plain awesome. Makana has truly lived up to the popular YOLO meme quite well, but (as she likes to say) she has done it right! She has accomplished a lot in those 10 years. Let me recount some of that awesomeness.
1 - Of the 10 years that she has been in her twenties - we have been married  for half of them almost exactly. Our 5 year anniversary is on Saturday - I know big weekend for her/us her 30th birthday and 5 year anniversary!?
2 - She started and finished college. She completed her degree this year from BYU-Hawaii in tourism/business. When we first got married we thought she was going to be a full-year of school away from graduating for a long time. BYU-Hawaii didn't have the distance learning classes that she needed and the school she was going to (Weber St.) didn't have her major, not to mention that many of the classes didn't transfer. But she was persistent and after contacting counselors from her school MULTIPLE times (they move really slow over in Hawaii - who'd of thunk  :) ), she found out that she was actually only a couple classes away. So she completed her last class (Book of Mormon - go figure) this year and accomplished a life long goal! I think this whole thing just really showed her personality. This was something that was really important to her and she didn't let setbacks keep her from getting down and not finishing.
3 - She served an incredible mission in Winter Quarters, Nebraska. Naturally the people there just loved her, her companions loved her, and her mission president and his wife loved her and, more importantly, really trusted and confided in her.
4 -She got married and is still married and putting up with my antics 5 years later (and that is no small task, let me tell you)
5 - She became the Coupon Queen
6 - As those who are regular readers of this blog can tell, she has become a very talented photographer. She has had several people request that she take their pictures even though she has never advertised it.
7 - Speaking of blogs, she writes my very favorite blog and is absolutely the most talented and interesting writer (I swear I'm speaking objectively)
8 - One thing that can't be summed up in one event, but I think defines her is her loving and charitable disposition. Everyone that meets Makana loves her. She puts people at such ease that it is easy for them to open up and share personal feelings and problems because they don't feel threatened that she'll betray their confidence and she doesn't.
9- Red Robin for a birthday dinner with sister Kelsi

10 - Before and after pics

The Beautiful 29 Year Old
The Still-Has-It "30 Year old"

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