DIY Apple Picking & this week in pictures.

by - September 08, 2012

McKay has been doing such a great job in school this week. The MBA program is very demanding and it seems that these past few weeks he has been scarce. We try to drop him off every morning. I know, it takes less than 5 minutes but it a little way we block out a few moments for family time. 

And speaking of family time, we recently headed up to Huber Grove. There are apple trees over 100 years old! We made our reservation and headed up to pick our fill of apples! 

we only got a basket and a half. There were not many apples this year. We used them to make baby applesauce,  canned raspberry applesauce and apple pie filling. 
(side note: we also canned strawberry jam and candied jalapenos! Thank you Daniel & Cassidy for the peppers!)

Ok so this little light of mine is on a 3 and 4 year old soccer team. I am her coach. Bah!!!
Lemme just say that this all star player decided to pick the flowers and leaves off the trees rather than run around chasing a black and white ball. (the only one who knew what to do was the little boy in the background. He is Brazilian, Go figure)

Little guy turned 6 months old today. He is in the 50% range all around....
although he has been an expert crawler for a few weeks now. 
The other day I was canning and it got really quiet. That is generally a bad thing with two little ones. After looking around, this fella is NO WHERE to be found. 
And then I noticed the outside door was opened. And there he was... making a break for it! 

We have really been having  a blast in Utah. We have made so many new friends and had multiple experiences that reaffirm our knowledge we are where the Lord wants us to be. Its nice knowing that we are doing what is right for our family. 

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