I read a post about being busy. And I decided to not use that word anymnore

by - September 21, 2012

Sydney had this intriguing post about busyness. (yep, we are on a first name basis.)
Well... it really resonated with me. Ever since reading it, I have really tried to not say "busy" in response to the inevitable question "how are you?" I have really tried to make an effort to cite various things we have done as a family or talk about books I am reading or hot political topics. (yes, I am serious) So, in an effort to stay in line with that new mind set, we have been having a lot of fun exploring Provo and being awesome parents.

The little one and I went to Houston for 10 days while my sister and BIL went looking for house for their new life in the Philippines. I like to think of it as a mini vacation I went on. I just relished seeing my aunt and her family and my dear friends. People, it was like manna to my soul!

We have started soccer and dance class (thank you for the sweet MBA wives who volunteer to teach so it is all free). We have learned that the Toddler. HATES. SOCCER. At least she does when there are flowers to pick or grass to lay in. This week she made a goal though! She also decided to lay down in the grass... then she got kicked in the face. Twice.

I teach preschool with three other really dynamic women. This week we took a field trip to the Hinkely Center and made our way around campus on our own Golf Cart Tour. I realized that I had lost my phone somewhere along our route AFTER I had walked home. Thankfully it was turned in and all was well again in Zion.

And for the big one... drumroll please.....
JAEDYN TURNED 4!!! Technically, she turned 4 while I was in Houston. Jen, Grandma Princess and McCall we so great to watch her while I was gone. My cute hubby has been quite busy with securing us a comfortable future via BYU MBA program. Honestly, he really has been wonderful and such a good dad and hubby even through the very long days of classes, networking, info session, interviews, cold calls and soon-to0-be-lots-of-travelling too. For the toddler party we kept it very low key (read not stressful at all) and just had everyone dress up and join us for Muffins and homemade pink marshmallows. Yeah, it was kinda really awesome.

Some funny things she has been saying include:
and in response to her stubbing her toe "WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MEEE!!!????"

Needless to say, we now re-quote that last one quite a bit in our home. It never ceases to make me just bust up laughing.

And I don't mean to leave out the little guy from my massive catch-up post but... he is a full fledged crawler. That means he gets into everything. He also loved\s to eat grass, leaves, watermelon rinds, and occasionally drool for pictures.

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