Jaedy Lady: 4 years old; then and now

by - September 12, 2012

4 years ago. 
This darling girl came into our lives. 
She made us parents for the very first time. 
It was the best thing ever. 
She is the best daughter we could ever ask for. 

Princesses, X-Men, PB&J sandwiches, Rainbows, Muffins, sandboxes, bubbles, roller coasters, water slides, hot tubs, strawberries, posing for pictures, her care bear blanket, playing with cousins, talking on google hangout, preschool and going to the library. She asks every day to play with her brother and loves to help mom bake, talk on the phone and find fun things to make on Pinterest.

She is bright, obedient and loves to pray and read her scripture stories and the Friend, She knows all the articles of faith and most primary songs as well as Call me Maybe and You Don't Know You're Beautiful. She makes friends EVERYWHERE she goes and loves to give hugs to family, friends and strangers at the park. Jaedy Lady laughs so much and says the best, most witty things that make us laugh so much all day long.

Happy Birthday baby girl!

ps- her birthday theme: A Muffin-Hot-Chocolate-Whip Cream-Sprinkle party. Whew! Honestly, it been pretty funny because she has been so set on this for months!! Here is a little 40 second video that just cracks us up.
****for all you dads of daughters out there, take 3 minutes to read this. I am not kidding.

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