Awesome and Awkward: First Snow

by - October 25, 2012

I have said it all along.
We would get snow before Halloween.
Why? because I moved here
Granted it is pretty magical.
Especially as seen through the eyes of a child.
Hubby wants to take our darling daughter snowboarding.
That's all good and well by me.
I will stay at lodge with my hot chocolate and a book and my camera

First Snow of the season makes for a pretty happy family
Hot chocolate and popcorn. Specifically making all different types of yummy popcorn
Watching Once Upon a Time with hubby and now Kelsi every Monday
The Presidential Debates. 
Filling out our absentee ballots
Being nominated to represent the first year MBASA 
Having a great turnout at our first activity
Coming home from the mentioned activity only to find we got BOO-ed!!!
Finishing Mark of Athena

Walking straight into my closed bedroom door last night. It hurt. A lot.
Having the most embarrassing moment of my life. Yes, it did involve my month cycle
Talking to a gal about room reservations only to realize after that I had caramel and Oreo stuck in my teeth  from my caramel apple from getting boo-ed. 
My absolute inability to make rolls anymore. Or any baked goods for that matter
Realizing my unmentionables top are visible in a really cute snapshot my hubby took of me. And it went public. 
Getting everyone ready for family pictures only to hear the darling daughter say "mom! There is white stuff everywhere! I think is it snow!!" needless to say, pictures were cancelled... again
not awkward just a little sad: My sister and her family flew to the Philippines today. To live. For three years. 

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