My afternoon with the National Advisory Council

by - October 03, 2012

The NAC ( pronounced: knack) is the National Advisory Board. And if you don't know, it is sorta really big deal. This past week was their Conference at BYU. It is composed of LDS members in business. For instance, did you know the current Vice-Chair of ESPN (the former President of ESPN for the past 10 years) and the winner of the 2012 International Businessman are on the NAC? (I hope I got all that right) Well enough name dropping, I want to get to the good stuff. Their wives.
This is Marilyn Rizley, the Chair fro the Womens NAC. She talked about not hiding your light and putting the Savior first and "there is no shortage of good that needs to be done in the world"

As am MBA Wife I was blessed to have lunch with these amazing women and also hear from Sister Virginia Pearce in an intimate luncheon on BYU Campus.
NAC Members I sat with: Mary Ann Pearson, Sandy Bertha, and Juleen Jackson. I just adopted everyone at my table by the end of the day. And on a side note, my hand looks abnormally big in this photo)

I was so fortunate to sit at a table with these ladies. They are beautiful (as you can see) smart, and so full of knowledge. They are wives to, by the world standards, very successful men and mothers to equally talented children. My friend and I sat together at the same table and afterwards remarked that our table was the golden ticket. However, with that said and to be honest, EACH table was the golden ticket. Just talking to these women inspired me to be more charitable and loving and gun-ho about sharing the gospel.  Each one of them made me want to be 100% more better than I am now. I could really go on and on but just know that I each woman had a big impact on me. I have been thinking for weeks regarding the advice they gave me and trying to implement it into my life. 

The event was beautiful. It was outside under white tents and full of the Spirit of the Lord. I sat next to two NAC women who said things to me that really hit home. All of us were scribbling down notes as fast we could.  Sister Pearce talked about a few things as well that made me stop and really ponder.

1.Think BIG! Don't live a small life. Don't let the little things in life weigh me down. Fill my head with BIG ideas
2. Think Straight! Silence that negative inner voice. Heavenly Father sees and knows and loves me
3. Think Abundance! Abundant thinking is full of gratitude. Don't be stingy when complimenting others. Celebrate the success of others

Afterwards we were each give one of three books written by Sister Pearce to take home and read.

So where was McKay you may ask? He was in Indianapolis at the National Black conference with other BYU MBA students... networking and getting interviews with potential employers for internships. You may not know that before coming to the BYU MBA program we looked at other programs including Harvard and Insead (ok, I really wanted to go to Insead). His scores on the GMAT were very high and he has great work experiences and that bi-lingual aspect helps too.  But, we felt really good about BYU and so we applied and here we are. And I know that this is the place God wants us to be.

***they stayed with the SWEETEST couple in Louisville. Thank you very much!***

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