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by - December 12, 2012

Happy 12/12/12 day! 
I was up at 12:12 am in order to take a screen shot of this momentous day. 
I remembered at 12:13am to take a picture.
Murpheys law... or something

1. Having to tell people who use our bathroom that the toilet paper is in a plastic bag on the doorknob. Why? Daughter dear thought it would be fun to be a snowman.
2. Speaking of snowman... she decided it would be fun to eat hers... too bad it was a little bit "gritty" with dirt. 

3. Carseats

4. Filippino restrooms

5. The snow. 
But this one is a toss up... one loves it, one loves to hate it

6. Realizing my SIL Cassidy married a man who likes to dress like a smurf

7. Santa pictures... pretty sure this one could make it into the Awkward Family Photos book
 8. After chatting with a friend, realizing I had a zit on the side of my face. This was at the same time I decided to "go ghetto" in provo and walk to her house in my snow boots w/o socks, PJ pants, and no bra. I did have on a shirt and a winter coat though. 
me: "Hello, my name is white trash... nice to meet you"

1. Ashlee Limary sending clothes my way! 

2. Instagram and Robbie in the Philippines so I can see this guy
3. Instagram.. again. Great way to see family and friends from far away!
4. Got 100 followers. Kinda a surprise since I am a bit trashy these days
5. Found out little boy of mine does not have a foreign object stuck in his lungs! However, we are off to the ENT to see why he can't breathe very well. 
6. Started the Christmas to Easter with Christ Challenge. Today. 12/12/12. 
(read the Book of Mormon by Easter 2013)
Kicked it off with my Mission Mom, Sister Galland speaking to the First Year MBASA. 
7. Ashlee Limary and her music. Go and subscribe now!

8. Matt and his emails. They have been pretty funny this week. And I also decided we are going to the Philippines for Christmas next year. Well, at least the the Chevron Party!

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