Aren't re-caps so nice?

by - January 12, 2013

Because with re-caps, it is all about bullets. And being bullet-proof. And this week we survived thsi nasty inversion. And well, that's as good as being bullet-proof.

-Christmas pictures anyone? Check out Shelby's re-cap here. It involves a missionary coming home, surprise gifts from grandma that she got from all over the world, and a great photo of brothers.
- Visit to BYU MOA for the Hero's Exhibit. Little darling daughter was even asked to be part of some sort of interview for it.
-baby boy is WALKING! Hit that milestone just before his 10 month mark.
-Decided now I need this in my life (only in my dreams!)
-Lots of time with family
-Lots of sledding
-Lots of junk food and snacks..
and then we went to bed at 10p on New Years Eve. I know, PARTY ANIMALS!!
-Preschool has started up
-Kiana sent us a new Ninja Blender, Brave, and some new toys for the kids
-McKay went to CES 2013 in Vegas
-McKay landed an internship at Exxon. Back to Houston in May
-Keo is FINALLY better. Not 100% but much better. And the kiddos drink a few green smoothies a day.
-It being the New Year, I finally decided to take my health seriously and stick to a Paleo diet. More on these last two items later.

webcam to gif converter
thank you Brandon and Shelby for breakfast!

pretty much you can't have one w/o the other

from the Heros exhibit

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