Awkward and Awesome is back!

by - January 31, 2013

1. Realizing my bowl I set outside to catch the snow ended up as a toy in the middle of the play area out front. And then having to trudge through KNEE DEEP SNOW to recover it.
2. Sitting in the very front row of church and having to take out my baby. (Not awkward). But then coming in and realizing that yes, the front of my dress somehow got pulled up and everyone just saw everything from the waist down as I walked back in, facing them. At least I was wearing black tights!
3. Going to an event and having that "Oh-i-really-don't-fit-in-feeling" take hold of me. (Thankfully it was short lived)
4. Taking a shower... ended up taking it with Keo and Jaedyn because they climbed in. Now I remember why I just try to avoid bathing all together.. and going to the bathroom. Always seems to be a family event

5: "Mom, Keo has marker all over him!" Me: "And how did that happen?" J: Well..... I colored him...."
6."Did you walk here??!!" "Yes, I did. I was that crazy woman pushing her kids in the stroller, through the snow...." and then silence.

1. Hot springs. No one else around. That's just magical

2. Snowshoeing. Somehow walking in the cold wearing snowshoes is way more fun than walking in the cold without snowshoes

3. Hubby's intramural basketball game. Beating the other team bring my heart so much joy :) And peace to our home

4. Homemade snow ice cream. Hello there delicious
5. Kid History 10
6. not one, not two, but THREE legit kid free date nights... in a row!!!

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