Awesome Week

by - February 17, 2013

1. Hanging out with the Farleys. They live in the Philippines. Thanks for staying up until Midnight!!

2. Valentines Week. Visit from the Love Fairy, preschool parties, MBASA cookie decorating, J can write her name now

3. Little man getting tubes in his ears. They were 100% filled with infection. Now he is back to our happy boy that we haven't seen since September!
4. Our RS had the hubby's fill out a spotlight form for each wife. Last Sunday I was one of three who was "spotlighted". And it was confirmed once again that I have a pretty great man.
5. Taught a class to the MBA Spouses on Dating your Spouse. And it was turned out really really great. Notes here and Power Point here
6. Hubby took J on a Daddy-Daughter dates. Me and the little man took a nap. Heavenly! I can't tell who enjoys the little dates more, Hubby or J :)
7. J is learning to ride her bike. Apparently 47* warrants outside time here in UT.
8. A HUGE gift Basket for Valentines from the company we will be at this Summer.

9. Making Cinnabon Popcorn deliveries with my little man
10. J decided to cut the tops off the Strawberries. Well... she did! But she cut most of the strawberry off as well! 

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