Awkwardness this week

by - February 07, 2013

book recommend to me by Brandon. So far, sad and good
1. J: "Daddy! I just had a HUMONGOUS POOP!!!"
2. Making Valentines for family... and also for Santa Claus
3. The moment when I realized the Notary was actually standing up, not still sitting down. Pretty sure she may have been 4 feet tall... maybe....
4. Realizing about 2 minutes too late that I should have stopped talking during a conversation with a stranger. Just call me Mrs. Babbler. Good thing I just walked away mid sentence and grabbed a cookie

5. Workin' out to my RIPPED Video...( in workout clothes which is a tank top and spandex running pants) only to have J open the door to my neighbor. Ok, so not really awkward as I write it but at the time I was a little red in the face. "Hi, yes, I am not wearing much and it smells like sweat in here... How can I help you?"

1. MBASA First Year Valentine Party... SUCCESS! Thanks to all the amazing help

2. Closed on our TX home
3. Made Rainbow bread and earned title of "Most Awesome Wife/Mother on the Planet"
4. Hangin' at the Air Extreme Place in Provo for Playgroup.

5. Gonna celebrate Valentines Days by getting tubes Little man's chronically infectious ears and doing a through exam/x-ray of his little lungs

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