My room with my view

by - February 27, 2013

Thank you for all the kind words regarding last weeks posts. You comments, emails, texts, IG... it has been amazing to hear YOUR stories and also to know that my experience and the telling of it was something that needed to be shared.

I joined this group called Power of Moms. One of my friends here in the MBA program is on the Board and started a Learning Group. This month the topic was about love. One thing that I wish I could have everyone understand is how so drastically LOVE changes people. When I was given a glimpse of the love that my Father in Heaven has for ME... my soul about exploded with love. Since then, I have seen people in a different way. I now have treated my children, husband, and friends in a different way. I wasn't treating them bad before, but its nothing like how i now treat them. I was so blessed to feel this intense love and pure acceptance from God that I can not help but feel a particle of that emotion for other people.

That is what Love changes lives.

Love is the WHY to the reason of this experience called life

LOVE is the motivation behind our Savior atoning for each one of us.

My view has changed. Its been something I didn;t know needed changing until it happened. And because it happened, I just feel so thankful that I am able to share with other people. Some of my favorite moments this week have been with these two little people.

Playing bubbles, jumping from the couch, seeing them love each other... 
well, lets just say it does this 30 year old soul good.  

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