Awkward and Awesome returns

by - April 15, 2013

this post will be one but I can't promise anything after this. And, I have been thinking. I think that Awkward is more of just another way of saying "I am not awesome and here is why."


  1. General Conference and our 10th row seats for Sunday morning session. (Thank you Stephens!)
  2. Made head of Family Committee for MBASA. Read: Parties, FHE at the MTC, camping trips, speakers... its gonna be fun this fall! 
  3. 10 days until we party in MANILLA
  4. Staying up late with Hubby just talking (always a favorite)
  5. Introducing Harry Potter Books to my daughter
  6. Daily bike rides with my kids, loving my red bike and trailer
  7. All of my amazing babysitters (you know who you are)
  8. Surprise flowers and cupcakes from friends on a rough day
  9. A hubby who let this momma sleep in until almost 10am today. 

Awkward or "not awesome and here is why."

  1. Our son who  loves to walk around with one hand "down there" (seriously, he is 1! Didn't know it started this early)
  2. The end if the semester. I have made some of my very best friends here and am SO SAD to see them go
  3. Having the door opened by my daughter (who was not supposed to go out) only to see my neighbors husband glance in on his way to school. Oh yeah, I was in only my underwear
  4. Going to a special event with only half my makeup on. Normally I don't wear a lot of make-up but since this was a night event, and fancy, I opted for "smokey-eyes". I rushed out and  wound up not having the eyeliner OR the mascara on to finish the look...well, lets just say it looked like someone punched me. 
  5. My inability to stop gassing. SERIOUSLY!! Not sure what i have been eating this week but i can't seem to stop farting
  6. Having a 18 year old walk by me at the store and say "Hey beautiful.. wink wink...                    "Uhm, check the bling jail-bait  Oh, and you are not even that cute and I am way outta your league! (ok, in honestly it was just so odd and pretty sure it was done on a dare)
  7. Walking my daughter to preschool in my pj's. And then finally getting out of them at 4pm. 
  8. My sister got me these super hot heels. (like over 4") I can only wear them when I won't be standing up and with no children to run after. This was solidified as i tripped and almost fell while walking to my car. I blame the sidewalk. 
  9. no photos this week. Why? Well because everything is getting packed up! Not gonna lie, probably going to be few and far between posts for a while... 

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