Highlights from the Manila Trip

by - May 17, 2013

I have 4 sisters.
I also have 5 brothers.
Yes, you did the math right, that's 10 kids in all
There were times growing up i hated it. I had to babysit, I had to wait for my siblings to be done with whatever sport they were playing to get picked up from my sport I was playing.
I had to share and be patient and do my chores (well, i was really awful at that last one. Still am)
But as an adult, I sorta really love that i have 9 best friends (10 counting my hubbs)

Many of you have asked why I am in Manila. My sister lives here with her fabulous family. So we came out for a long visit while McKay is off in Asia and while we have the time. We have never been both married and in school at the same time so having breaks due to Christmas or the summer is a novelty to us and we are trying to really take advantage of it.

We stayed 3 weeks in Manila. I embarked on the plane ride with 2 kids in tow and they really were stellar on the flights over. We had McKay with us on the way back and that was a super help.

Here is just a snapshot of our Asian Summer Vacation 2013

Shopping: Mall of Asia, Greenhills Market, Market! Market!, Landmark, Gloretta 1-4, American Womens Society Bazaar, Kulkuta, etc....
Iron Man 3
Boot Camp
Girls night out
Yummy food: Peoples Place, Shagri-La, Krispie Kreme, Gelatto, Tea Drinks,
Service at the Holy Home
In Memory of fallen soldiers
Long lost family reunion and video here
Taal Volcano
Animals in Manila (Ark Avalon & Fun Farm)
Momma Relaxin' by the pool... like every single day and playin at the park with the yaya (nanny)
Fish Spa
Cousin time
Pagsanjan falls
my sister had been doing family history work finding out about the Limatoc Family. Here is an old document

at the fun farm attempting to cross the pond

getting ready for our ride!

J loved the huge zip line! at the fun farm

K could have stayed on this all day at the fun farm. M could have pushed him all day!

just the eagles hangin' around at Ark Avalon. All the kids and mommas got to hold some birds

I got to hold a python that seriously was SO heavy and could have killed me... love the Philippines!!

K not so sure... but he warmed up and got to hold his own parrot. 

met some cousins we had no idea even existed until a year ago in Sigjuor

J holding her owl at the fun farm

all the cousins together

this gem is virtually untouched by the world. No stores, no tourists... just heavenly 

went out on the CLEAR AS GLASS ocean for a day

took this out to Ta'al Volcano. Then rode a horse up to the top of the steaming volcano

Ta'al Valcano

Ta'al Valcano Steaming
I have SO MUCH more to share. Dont fret, I will be sharing the whole kaboodle. But later. I have to finish packing, get a nap in, and bask in my limited sister time/Keo napping time/being waited on hand and foot time.

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