Its Birthday time

by - August 26, 2013

Aug has always been a big birthday month for us. We get to celebrate my birthday and the birthday of our family (most people call that an anniversary). Below are 16 pictures of my birthday trip to Arches and two bonus photos of our Anniversary adventure.

Last time we tried to go to Arches, it didn';t work out so well. This time we stayed in a hotel, we ate out and we hiked... a lot! Keo LOVED the $50 baby backpack I won off Ebay and J could not get enough of climbing up every arch she could see.

It was my turn to plan our anniversary. So we headed to Park City but made a pitstop to go paddle boarding. This time we rode the 11' Greco PaddleBoards. They were much thicker and while I was still much faster than the Hubby, he didn't fall in as much this go around.

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