So many things to share today

by - August 03, 2013

I have sat down and wrote a few drafts recently. I've wanted to share so many things with you. But, nothing really felt "right."

For instance, I could have written about my sweet cousin, who I JUST met, had a baby and passed away. You can read more here.

Or my funny kids who make us laugh every day. The little one can "say" HUGS, BUBBLES, AMEN, DADA, MOMA, JAEDYN, and has quite the sense of humor. Or the daughter who now has chores and allowance and loves to read. But that just never sounded all that noteworthy outside of their own journals.

I did want to talk about my wonderful girls night I had a few nights ago. It was really a lot of fun seeing such good friends of mine and made me thankful to have such friends in my life to begin with. But, you know who you are and you know what you mean to me.

So, I decided I will post a quick little bragg-y post.

"this post is sponsored by Hapari" not really, but I swear I am their biggest fan

Its been on my bucket list since I first set eyes on this type of water loving in Maui 5 years ago. 
And today, it was mine turn. 
The hubbs however... 
well, let me just say that I am FINALLY better at something than he is. 
note: I did some yoga out there too. now THAT is a workout!  
(thank you Stephens for tending the kids!)

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