Free Prinatable: Twin Gender Scratch offs

by - March 18, 2014

After finding out we were expecting twins, we wanted to find a easy and fun way to announce the genders. (and free since we are in school) My husband is one of 9 and I am one of 10. For real. It was a challenge to find a creative way to let family to be part of this announcement.

I searched for days on Pinterest. I asked friends. And then I asked the Multiples FB group. And there my question was answered. It was actually for a single baby so I decided to try my hand at making my own in Photoshop. 

Here is what I came up with.

This morning we found out so we sent this out to the family this afternoon so they could all share in the excitement. 

(just to clarify, I am the type of person that makes a BIG DEAL out of everything. I really love to have any reason to celebrate). So this was just another really great reason to get to indulge. 

You can find directions to make your own scratch off here. Just right click the image and "save as" 

I included a few other ones I toyed around with below. I hope you can use these. 

blank jpeg

boy reveal

girl reveal

boy/girl reveal

So here is the question, which one do you think we used???

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