Its taken 7 years to go through a big box of salt

by - November 21, 2014

Today I decided we were going to make peppermint playdough. I got out all the ingredients only to discover that I was out of salt. WHAT?! That has never happened in my whole married life. But it did today. That meant no playdough. It also means we better get to the store so we can keep with tradition. Today is a big deal

8 years ago, I waited in my kitchen at college for this neighbor boy to show up. We were going to make pies. He said he was taking a class and they made a really yummy apple pie. I wanted to make my favorite chocolate raspberry pie.

I had no doubt he was NOT going to show up. That was the kind of guys I seemed to get asking me out. The flaky ones.  I was wrong w him. 

Now today marks the day that McKay and I had our first date. Traditionally, we have made our respective pies each year.

Its been a fun thing to share as we have grown in our marriage. Sometimes perfect pie night is something that I do not look forward to. Its usually the days that are busy and the house is a mess--well, I am usually a mess. But I've been really trying these past few weeks. Thanks to our family rules and making a bigger effort to read my scriptures each day, life is really really good for me. And it all started with perfect pie night.

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