Happy Easter 2015 #Helives

by - April 04, 2015

Happy Blessed Easter my friends. 

I love Easter. I love anything that allows me to celebrate Christ really. 

It lets me focus on begin calm and happy and thankful. 

Like thankful for these HANDMADE matching dresses from my amazing, Christian friend, Terry Sowers. oh, and she monogrammed their initials on the dresses

And these sparkly bows and pretty pink necklace from Tiffany at Sheeposh. 

And focus on catching these kids and their love for each other. 

I mean, its pretty great. 
 and we are gonna have some extra walkers in no time

and some gems from behind the scenes.... 

Happy Easter my dears. And if you'd like, be sure to tune into General Conference. Its all about Christ. And between sessions, since Mckay is in charge of all our Easter celebration, we crack confetti eggs on each other. Its pretty much a kids dream come true. 

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