Tea Parties start young

by - April 18, 2015

A childhood without Tea Parties is like the Ocean without the water. And maybe its becuase the oldest is a very imaginative, dramatic girl.... but tea parties have been pretty much a constant companion around here since day one. 

 The other day I peeked on these four. The twins were in dress-ups and there was a bowl of Avenger Cheez-itz and even a tablecloth... BYU blue of course. Keo was sitting on a wipes case (because girls get chairs) and Jaedyn was providing that afternoon's entertainment.
It was a moment I knew deep inside me I had to document. So I frantically raced for my camera and took a few photos with the stealth of a ninja.  

McKay and I give thanks every day for these four. Yes, it is so so hard that, I had really known how hard it would be, I wouldn't have done it. But, maybe, if I had also known how simply fulfilling it was I would have had more kids sooner. 

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