Thursdays are my favorite

by - April 02, 2015

Thursdays I feel like I can breathe again.

On Thursdays, I take the night off. McKay comes home and takes over and I usually retreat to my room. Its really heavenly. I used to use it to read. But lately I have been using it to clean.

I'm always cleaning. And it never looks like it.

I picked up my little guy from preschool today. We have a great co-op and I feel lucky I get to mix with such talented ladies. Today, I noticed that my friends home was so open and so clean and so organized.  (Usually I am like 30 minutes late picking Keo up. I just grab him and go so I've never noticed). Her pantry was immaculate. Her floors were so clean. I actually felt really really really out of place. I came home and went straight to the computer and looked up The Container Store.

That's where she got herself the immaculate pantry.

 Oh my.

I started to put things in the checkout. Then I remembered. We are moving in a few months. Probably to another rental since we can't make our minds up (also because I want to have some sense of love for a house if we are going to buy it). Moving means boxes and sleepless nights and de-cluttering and then unpacking things all over again.

And what if the containers are too big? That's totally happened to me. What if they are too small? What if we have a barbie-sized pantry?

So I turned off the computer and focused on the chaos of my family. I grabbed myself that Dr. Pepper that magically appears in the Kitchen after McKay comes home and went outside to take photos of all my girls in matching clothes.

Because on Thursdays, I don't want to spend my whole day cleaning anymore. And maybe for Christmas Santa will give me my own immaculate pantry. But until then, let's toast our Dr. peppers and embrace our chaos and the happiness of Thursdays.

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