We love our Imaginext toys

by - April 15, 2015


When I was little, I remember playing for HOURS outside. We would find scrap wood and make forts and my siblings and I even spent a few weeks making a pretty awesome tree house in my Grandma's tree. We would wonder and go on adventures and play make believe. And I, well I had some dearly beloved imaginary friends. Obviously my imagination was very strong. I'm talking hulk-smash strong.

As I got older, that delightful imagination has never quite gotten under control.

I tell McKay often how I really wish Marvel and Justice League and DC Comic world was real. Well, just the heros. Bleh to the Villians.

For my little guy's birthday, I added an Imaginext Batcave to the list. My MIL got it for him and he played with it non-stop. For his family gift, we got him the Imaginext Rescue City. Between these two, he is one happy boy for a lot of the day.

He is still loud. He is still rough. And he can't get enough of playing with his baby sisters. We love that he is "All-boy" and I love that he has a abnormal fascination with Superheros.

I knew he was destined for great things right form the beginning. And at just three years of age, He is rescuing folks from burning building, saving Gotham from the Joker, and capturing bank thieves.

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