Now our "summer begins" with The Coral Pear and parks

by - September 25, 2015

So if you didn't know, (which I am not sure how you wouldn't), Houston is a freakishly hot place. Like, most of the year. Upsides to this include TWO growing seasons. Yep, you heard it right folks. TWO. DOS. 2.  Let me clarify. We get two chances to grow tomatoes. Not like the wimpy ONE they get out West. Downside: I will never put on riding boots, a scarf and/a jacket. Yep, you won't be seeing me in a cute fall outfit this, uhm, well, fall. And don't get me started on the monster cockroaches. Those bad-boys are bigger than the ones in Hawaii.

Need more proof? Well the public swimming pools over in our area are all still open on the weekends. The splashpads are pretty much open year round. ( no high school freshman life guard needed) and don't get me started on the amazing parks!

Oh the parks!

Well we live on 1/2 an acre but since its brand-spankin' new its all dirt and trees and crappy grass. We really lukced out and our very first outing to find some fun parks, we hit the jackpot.

So far I haven't been able to get the kids to explore the other areas. Because whenever they see this tall, spinny-thing-a-mah-jig, this is where they stay. At least Jaed and Keo.

The twins? Well--- these little toddlers here got some fancy shmancy new shoes. Er,  Moccs. Shoe-moccs?? First, they smell better than a new car. Second, they cost less than a new car. Third, pretty sure a new car doesn't come in gold with bows and fringes. These are moccs from no other than The Coral Pear. I'm talking Top-notch folks. Go get some will ya.

And while you are at it, send a few "please bless" prayers our way that our Houston Fall/Winter lasts a while. Cause the only good thing about summer here is that we usually leave for July. :)

Peace out.

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