Why I do MANDATORY Quiet Time

by - September 29, 2015

I homeschool a 7 yo smarty-pants
I gave birth to a son who has turned into a 3 yo smarty-pants like his sister
I have twin toddler girls. 

I mean, really. Do I need more reason than that? Yeah, didn't think so. But the thing is, I am actually kinda a pro at this mommy thing. (the non -paid kind of  pro) And we didn't always do quiet time. Well, hell must have froze over because we are all sorts of organized and scheduled and in control over here. 

   { Just don't open my bedroom door. }
    { or take away my Dr. Pepper in the morning  }

I mean-- I have a lock on my kids toy box. That's totally normal right? And I have these chore charts and daily duties and they have to play the piano and recite poems and do flash cards and read books and go to bed at 7p. Yep, normal. 

So to make a long, pointless story short and "point-full"--- 
I set up mandaroty quiet time. I simply said something like "It's quiet time now. Your options are to read 4 or 5 books or take a nap"

The twins opt for the nap. Every time! Who would have guessed that one??!! 

But Jaed and the "always-shoeless-choas-machine-known-as-Keo"?? They read books. Lots of them. And while I could be doing a million other things, I watch them read. I listen to them tell each other about the book they just read or hear Jaed reading something she learned about to Keo. It usually ends up with Keo in my lap and Jaed snuggling close by as I read a few books or chapters to them. 

And just as quickly as this quiet time came, its over again and they are off.  

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